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Lynette Abel


Some pictures that mean a lot to me:

Lynette Abel and Michael Palmer at New Paltz, NY
         L. Abel and M. Palmer in New Paltz, NY
Lynette Abel, Carol McCluer, Marion Fennell
         Lynette Abel, Carol McCluer, and Marion Fennell singing "Rum and Coca 
         Cola" in "'Ethics Is a Force!'--Songs about Labor."
         See The Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company.
Lynette Abel and Alice Wright
Lynette and Alice, her mother, in SoHo
    Our dear cat, Jingle, on our window sill


Michael Palmer and Lynette Abel

Michael Palmer and Lynette Abel protesting the war in Iraq in Washington, D.C.

J.G. Abel and David Abel

Father and son, J.G Abel and David Abel at graduation

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