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     As a political coordinator for a labor union that represents both public and private sector workers throughout New York State, I have seen how important union representation is for working men and women. Our members do difficult work, such as taking care of the disabled and sick, or plowing our roads after a snowstorm. Thanks to their union contracts, fought for over decades, they are treated with more of the dignity and compensation they deserve.

     In recent years, however, there have been intensified concerted efforts by big business and elected officials at the national and state levels to have unions not exist at all. In the private sector, many good-paying union jobs in manufacturing have been outsourced to countries where labor is cheap and unions are almost non-existent.  Click here to read more.


Can contempt be animated? Yes it can! Film animation artists since 1909, when Gertie the Dinosaur defiantly turned her back to the audiences, have been inter- ested in animating the contempt people have for the world. And when animation is successful, it gives form to contempt as a means of opposing it.

     I began to learn this in my study of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, founded by the American poet and critic Eli Siegel. He showed me that I wanted to give artistic form to something I disliked myself for very much—how I could mock and make fun. That form is in this great Aesthetic Realism principle: “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.”  
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The Palladium Times,
Oswego, NY 

By Lynette Abel

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The Record,
Troy, NY

By Lynette Abel


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