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button"The Ordinary Doom" by Eli Siegel
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button"Carrier cuts are rooted in contempt"
The Press & Sun-Bulletin,  by Lynette Abel & Michael Palmer
button"Enron fallout is appalling"
The Oneida Daily Dispatch,  by Lynette Abel & Michael Palmer
button"U.S. told not to continue the violence"
The Palladium Times,  by Lynette Abel & Michael Palmer
button"World should be owned by people living in it"
The Record,  by Lynette Abel
button"A Different Take on Spring, Power of Love"
The Ithaca Journal,  by Lynette Abel
button"Road Rage: Attitude toward world is driving each driver"
The Sun Herald

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button"Freedom Is with Imagination
button"Power & Grace in Music, with a Note on Sincerity"  Page 1 Page 2
button"Instinct and Mme de Sevigne
button"People Leave Each Other in Poetry"
button"Freedom and Order in Poetry"
button"It Is, As It's Elsewhere"
buttonThe Miracle of Verdun
button"Words Are Everywhere: Comedy and Tragedy Are Two of These"
button"Presence and Absence: A Consideration of the Arts and Sciences,"
button"Shakespeare's Interesting,"
button"Freedom Is with Imagination,"
buttonSargent's "Madame X"; or, Assertion and Retreat in Woman

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buttonThe Fight between Boredom & Awareness in a Woman's Mind 
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buttonWhat's the Big Thing Women Need to Know about Power?
buttonBeauty and the Beast; or, the Ethics of a Fairy Tale
button"What's More Important: to Appreciate Rightly or Be Praised?"
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button"Despite Achievement & Praise--Why Can a Woman Feel
Empty?" Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 
button"Kindness Is Criticism"
button"The Inability to Appreciate--What Does It Come From?"
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 
button"A Woman’s Dissatisfaction: Can It Be Beautiful?"
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 
button"In Trying to Be Important, What Mistakes Do People Make?"
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button"Woman's Determination: What Makes It Right or Wrong?" 
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button"Why Are Women Disappointed--& Do They Ever Want to Be?" 
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
buttonThe Intimate & Wide in the Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There"

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